Collectively improving accessibility in European cities

Europe needs to become more accessible. Too often, buildings and ways cannot be easily reached and passed by everyone. This does not only concern wheelchair users but also seniors with walking aids, parents with pushchairs, frail patients – it concerns anyone whose walking ability is permanently or temporarily limited. This applies to many millions of people in Europe.

The objective of CAP4Access is to develop and pilot-test methods and tools for collectively gathering and sharing information about accessibility of public spaces.

Welcome to join our efforts.

Also visit our website dedicated to interaction with user communities at www.MyAccessible.EU

Online maps offer great opportunities to indicate which places and ways are accessible and which ones are not. Locations and routes on maps can be enhanced with accessibility related data, commented, and visualised with photos. These possibilities are not yet widely used, however, and their full potential still needs to be reaped.

•   Documentation, annotation and discussion of places and routes about their accessibility.
•   Visualising the data in ways which are intuitive and highly attractive for target users.
•   Route planning and navigation.
•   Creating awareness and preparing effective measures for eliminating barriers.



Our four test sites in Vienna (Austria), London South Bank (United Kingdom), Elche (Spain) and Heidelberg (Germany) will produce an abundance of insights about using online maps for enhanced accessibility. Step by step we will present experiences at this site which may give you ideas how to improve accessibility of places in your own city or region. Learn more about the Pilot Cities ...